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Old Gym Center Court
Old Gym Center Court

 Did you know... 


  • Driscoll School used to be housed in a two story building west of where the current campus is today?


  • Driscoll originally went through eleventh grade?


  • The outline of the original Driscoll tennis courts can still be seen east of the bus barn?


  • In the 1930's, the community used to attend roller skating nights in the old gym?


  • One of the original school district boundaries was a slash mark carved in a tree?


  • Teachers used to live in teacherages (houses owned by the district), some just north of the present school and others east of the highway?


  • The Driscoll Marching Band was an award winning band for several decades?


  • The present Pre-K classrooms were once a band/ performance hall? The small stage can still be seen in Mrs. Pierce's room.


  • An area below the main building was once designated as a shelter during WWII in case of enemy attack?  


  • Driscoll ISD continues to shine with innovation, excellence, and carries on the tradition of being Simply the Best!

 Driscoll was founded on land donated by siblings Robert and Clara Driscoll and was originally part of the famed Driscoll Ranch.

Robert, owner of Driscoll Ranch, and his sister, Clara, known as the Savior of the Alamo for her part in restoring the historical structure, took a keen interest in the citizens of this area.

Since its beginnings, Driscoll has been home to special people. Ensconced in its rural surroundings, Driscoll still nurtures virtues which have become extinct in other places. Whether it be fire, flood, or personal heartache, the people of Driscoll pull together to help each other through trying times. The population has waxed and waned over the years, yet the heart of Driscoll has always been her citizens.

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